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Nissan Motorsport

Rick Kelly - on 07 Feb, 2013


"This is a fantastic opportunity for Nissan Motorsport to be affiliated with the leaders in portable fridge and freezer products, Engel Australia. We're always on the road, so Engel ensure our 70+ staff operate on the most reliable generators, battery packs and fridge-freezers whenever we travel.


It's also a real privilege to now work with a brand that Todd and I have grown up with. Camping and the great outdoors was very much a big part of growing up in Mildura and one that we enjoyed most, and continues to be our release from the business lifestyle that racing brings with it. So this partnership is not only very exciting for our team but also one that is very fitting with our lifestyle away from work.


Our partnership with Engel Australia earmarks an exciting period as we make the transition over to a factory-supported team, and with Nissan launching the new 5.6LV8 Patrol in early 2013, there are plenty of good deals for our members to get hold of".


Rick Kelly, Driver and Director - Nissan Motorsport

HJ61 - Rollover in Arhnemland

Anthony Gomes - on 24 Oct, 2013

img My pride and joy, a HJ61 Sahara, was written off in a roll over on a remote dirt road up in Arnhemland. I was driving and lost control on a sandy section of road. The vehicle rolled at least 4 times and rolled ...both side on and also end for end. It ended up laying on the passenger side, facing back from where I had come from. My friends recovered as much gear as they could from the cruiser while I was in hospital and one of the things that was recovered was my 60lt Engel fridge. I have three Engel fridges and have owned this particular fridge for close to ten years. Once I got out of hospital, I started to go through all the gear that was recovered. I plugged the Engel into power and, bugger me, it started up and still runs perfectly. This fridge was one of the only things that actually survived the accident and just goes to show how tough they really are.

Adventure Off Road Campers

Adventure Off Road Campers - on 19 Sep, 2011

img We have been using the 60 & 80 litre Engels in both the all fridge and fridge/freezer combi's for over two years now in our Adventure Campers. What is very pleasing is that I can happily say that from all of these fridges I have not had one phone call at all from customers having any issues what so ever with their Engel fridge. Before we started to use the Engel fridges we did use a cheaper product in an effort to save a few dollars on the price of the campers. All this did in the end was create more work for my office and worst still problems and lots of them for my customers while out camping. Having a fridge that does not operate as it should will not only be inconvenient but at worse case scenario cost a lot of money in wasted food.Legend In Reliability. Is not just a slogan it's a FACT. I learnt the hard way, there is no need for you to do the same buy the best straight up and enjoy.

Fred Enright

Fred Enright - Cleve, South Australia on 19 Dec, 2012

img  Hi Mr ENGEL
I am a keen 4wd"er
I Have a 40 and 60 litre grey models which I use when camping but thought you may be interested in my little shed fridge.
I bought this second hand in 1976 from a bloke that bought it second hand in 1970 but can't remember when the first fella bought it. I reckon it was probably from the early 60's
It is still going strong in my workshop set on 2 and a bit still manages to freeze my water bottles if I don't watch out. It obviously keeps my draught tinnies at just the right temperature.
Congrats on the 50 Years.